It’s been a few weeks since I did a menu plan, and man am I feeling the burn! My fridge and pantry are a little bit of a mess because our meals have been so disorganized. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I’m gonna get right back on the meal planning bandwagon and focus on using up some of the random groceries hanging out in my kitchen.

This is what we’re getting in our Local Box this week. Thanks so much to Stephanie over at Eating Out of the Local Box for all the farm links in this week’s line-up.

Here’s what I’m making:

Wednedsay: Venison sloppy joes, sauteed summer squash & onions
Thursday: dinner en route to work event
Friday: Toasty parmesan chickpea salad, lettuce with vinagrette dressing
Saturday: Three Bean Salad made with fresh green beans, Corn bread
Sunday: Tabouli salad on a bed of lettuce, pita bread, hummus
Monday: Potato soup, steamed chard, beer bread
Tuesday: Pancakes, scrambled eggs, mango banana smoothies
Breakfast: I’ve been eating a lot of cream of wheat for breakfast lately.