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A roundup of Tech + Food events happening in Austin this week.

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It’s not too late to stop by and say goodbye to Players, the iconic Austin burger joint that’s been serving the city for 33 years. Here’s a report on my final visit there.

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I think it’s great when a homegrown food business like Deep Eddy Vodka hits the big time. But it’s not so great when, as part of that growth, that company’s marketing goes way, waaaay, off-track. That’s just what Deep Eddy Vodka has done, in their recent “Deep Eddy Challenge” viral video campaign…

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When some people retire, they have a party. Others may splurge on something bigger– a dream vacation, say. When Larry and Jeanine Kuhlken retired in the early 1990s, they decided to start a vineyard. Although the couple had little experience farming, they were welcomed and mentored by other growers in the Hill Country and a good thing took root…

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Discover authentic Czech kolaches with me at this family-owned bakery in Calvert, Texas. A Texas treasure!

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