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Chloe Bear

Posted by on Sep 19, 2009 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Chloe has had a really rough weekend. There was more cat barf waiting for me at home on Friday after work, and the number of barfs combined with some other digestive issues (euphemism!) made me decide to take Chloe to the vet.  Rami and I were supposed to have date night Friday, so when he got to my place around 6:30 we took Chloe to an emergency vet clinic in northwest Austin. How romantic.

The trip there was pretty rough. Chloe was feeling icky and she had some accidents  in her carrier (euphemism!) on the way to the vet’s office. We waited, stinking, for about 90 minutes at the clinic reception area before we got a room. I want to underscore what a sad, scary place the waiting room of the emergency vet is. I don’t intend this to reflect poorly on how the clinic is run. Chloe’s condition was stable when we arrived so we were low on the triage totem pole and a 90 minute wait was justified. Still, it is so difficult to be in a space, stinking, with your sick animal while you watch other freaked-out sick animals and their freaked-out owners walking by.

By the time we were assigned to a treatment room Chloe’s condition had worsened pretty significantly. She was dehydrated, her eyes were dull, and she wouldn’t move, meow or purr much at all.  After some blood tests we learned that her kidney function was compromised, probably because of an infection of some kind. The doctor recommended that Chloe be hospitalized overnight so that we could get some fluids in her and get her to pee for more tests. Plus there was a slight chance that she could become a lot worse very quickly, so it was best to keep her under medical supervision until her vitals were stable.

I had cried some earlier in the evening, but I totally lost it when it was time to sign Chloe’s intake papers. Seriously, it was awful. The list of tests, medications, and procedures was really long and scary and an entire page of the intake paperwork was an optional do-not-resuscitate order for my cat. I had never thought about whether I would want a vet to perform CPR on my sweet little cat, and I was so shocked by the decision that I ended up sobbing at the vet tech for several minutes while I tried to process the fact that Chloe could die that night. Awful. Awful. Awful.

After I filled out the paperwork I took a break from crying and gave Chloe some TLC before giving her over to the tech for hospitalization.

Luckily, Chloe ate a bunch of watered down Fancy Feast overnight and peed up a storm. Tests on the  pee-pee confirm a serious bacterial infection.  She needed four bags of IV fluid to rehydrate completely so the vet could start her on antibiotics.  By this evening, her kidneys appear to be functioning normally. Rami and I are going to pick her up in a few minutes and I can not tell you how grateful I am to be bringing my kitty home safe.

It is too soon to tell whether Chloe will ever completely recover normal kidney function and I am going to have to keep a close eye on her in the coming weeks since there is still a chance of renal failure. But, that means I get to spend the coming weeks with her! Shoving antibiotic pills down her esophogus!

Everyone give your furry friends some extra lovin’ tonight. I know I definitely will! Right after I learn how to administer her meds.


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My washer connections are fixed! I have clean underwear and towels! It’s pretty lucky that the washer is working because my cat Chloe spent most of last night barfing on various areas of my living room. Cat barf is so gross. I was going to do a whole post today devoted to cheese grits, but after cleaning up 12,391 little piles of cat barf this morning, I just don’t have the stomach for it.

Instead, let’s talk about the awesome weekend I’m going to have. As I mentioned yesterday, my mom is coming in town. Our agenda currently consists of having breakfast tacos with the family on Saturday morning and then shopping at IKEA. Bad. Ass.

Mom has never been to IKEA, so I am super excited to take here there. Remember the first time you saw the wonderment of $12 lamps and $5 rugs that are ADORABLE???

Lest we get overwhelmed basking in the wonderment of it all, I have some parameters for the shopping to keep us on track. First, my apartment’s color scheme is

  • taupe gray (non-negotiable, since the walls are all painted gray)
  • bright white
  • tangerine
  • eggplant
  • citron
  • lemon

taupe grayWhiteTangerineEggplantMPC0004200-2Lemon

I resolve to only purchase goodies in the above colors or complimentary to the above colors. I also resolve to purchase goodies from the following list of want items:

  • new comforter for my bed
  • linens for the bathroom,
  • new lampshade for my bedroom
  • bathroom rug(s)
  • kitchen rug(s)
  • 2 large throw pillows for couch
  • 20×20 pillow for bed
  • waste can for bathroom
  • something to help organize purses in my closet (they are taking over!!!)
  • shoe organizer for closet
  • ice cube trays

Yipppppeeeeee! It’s Friday, yall!

Bless me!

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Today my allergies are awful.  My face is itchy and my nose is dripping steadily and I really want to go home and lie in bed. I took all my medicines this morning, but the sneezing persists. Plus, I feel like I am getting a canker sore. And I didn’t really sleep well last night. Also, I am in a bad mood because the washer connections in my apartment leak. Rami was very kind and hooked up my washer and dryer last night. But instead of doing my inaugural load of laundry afterwards, we ended up trying to fix two very leaky old faucets that connect to the washer. I called the apartment’s emergency maintenance man and he is supposed to come this morning to take care of the leaks.

I have two pair of clean underwear left, so they’d better have it fixed by this weekend.

In order to balance the general malaise I am feeling, I think I should focus on something positive. Here are 10 positive things going on with me right now:

10. I got a new brush and as a resulft my hair is drying faster and with more volume.
9. Rami took me to dinner at III Forks last night to celebrate our monthiversary.
8. My mom is coming to visit me this weekend.
7. She will probably take me shopping at either IKEA or HEB.
6. I made a delicious pasta salad this week in my new kitchen.
5. Nathan (my work buddy) and I just finished a really fun photo shoot for UT’s saxophone choir.
4. It is currently September, my second favorite month of the year.
3. There are fresh blueberries and raspberries waiting for me in my fridge when I get home.
2. By this time next year, I won’t remember that I had allergies today or that my washer is messed up.
1. I ate pancakes for lunch.


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Before I moved, I was a little worried about how my cat, Chloe, would react to the new apartment.  She is an old girl, a rescue from Town Lake, and she’s had a rough life.  Not that you’d know by looking at her.  She is robust.

Chloe was angry and crying like crazy when we first got to the apartment Saturday night.  Luckily I had anticipated her freak-out so I had some cheap canned cat food on hand. (Iams turkey dinner with gravy– her favorite.)

Once she ate some turkey dinner, Chloe was feeling much better about life, but she still seemed pretty disoriented in her new home.  She cried for a lot of the night, so the next day I broke out the big guns.

I unpacked Chloe’s BFF, a large snail-shaped boot scraper my sister bought me for Christmas a few years ago.  Chloe loved that snail when she lived at my college apartment, and it had been packed away at my storage unit for the last 18 months.  Truthfully, I wasn’t really sure if Chloe would remember the snail after all this time.


She remembered.  I took this picture about 20 seconds after I took the snail out of the box.  I wish I could have recorded video of the reunion, because Chloe was chirping and meowing and purring so loud. The snail was indifferent.


Here’s how I found Chloe today when I got home from work.


Looking out the window, purring like crazy, alongside her friend the snail.

Next time someone tells me that animals don’t have feelings, I’m going to punch him in the face.  Not really, but moments like this do make me wonder about Chloe’s former owners. The ones who had her declawed and then dropped her off at Town Lake Animal Center (the kill shelter here in Austin).  I can’t think about TLAC or Chloe’s former owners for very long. No, it feels much better to spend time thinking about moments like this one, when Chloe is happy and I am happy and we are both grateful for a snail-shaped boot scraper.


Wall Street Wonderful (posted from stolen internet!)

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Well, my luck with the free internet connection at my apartment ran out, so this is going to be short. I am blogging from outside a coffeeshop near my house which is currently closed. Luckily they leave their wifi connection up after hours, so I can sit in the dark at their patio table and do homework, check email., etc.  It is a little creepy, but free is free, dangit.

My current MBA course is Managerial Economics and I really dig the topics we discuss.  One of my assignments for this week was to find an article, blog post, or some other media that relates to a topic in the class and discuss it on our message board.  I found this little gem from the Wall Street Journal:

As Champagne Fizzles, Makers Squash Production

Did you catch both booze puns in the article’s title? Even if the story had nothing to do with economics I would have used it for my homework just so I could post that headline.  Luckily, the article explains some supply and demand concepts, demonstrates sunk costs, and relates intimately to this week’s class topic of extent decisions. Wall Street Journal, how I heart thee. You make my homework easy, punny, and interesting.

Plus, now I can be on the lookout for some bargain-basement-priced champagne this year.  No way a 40% cut in production is going to offset this crappy economy’s effects on demand. Cheers!

Moving Success!

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Best things about moving to my new apartment

1. The hired movers carried everything heavy up the stairs. No damage to anything. Total moving time from storage unit to apartment was about three hours.

2. It rained all day, but my carpet still looks new thanks to the awesome adhesive carpet protector for sale at UHaul.   I will probably purchase the carpet protector for the next move even if it’s not raining. Good thinking, Andy!

3. Rami, Beth, and Andy were great helpers.

4. We ate Rudy’s Barbecue all together for lunch after the heavy lifting was done. Creamed corn and extra moist brisket, how I love thee.

5. The ceiling fan in my new bedroom is really strong, allowing for maximum snugglage on my wonderful, pillowtop, full size bed.

6. I am currently blogging using a free internet signal.  The connection is a little spotty, but I am so relieved to have some internet access until I spend the big bucks for RoadRunner.

7. Chloe (my cat) made the move A-OK.  She was really angry during the car ride and subsequent minutes in her carrier, but then I fed her some canned cat food and it was like nothing happened. Now she’s asleep in the living room, purring.

8. All the boxes and furniture that were in storage are in great shape.  A little dusty, but no moisture damage and no creepy crawlies.  This is a huge relief since I did not visit the storage unit once during the 18 months I lived with Beth and Andy.

9. I have a kitchen! and a living room! and my own bathroom!

10. I can walk to Sun Harvest to buy groceries tomorrow.  Or, if I haven’t unpacked my kitchen by then, I can walk to Starbucks for breakfast, Jimmie John’s for lunch and Zen for dinner.

Moving thoughts

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Tomorrow is the big moving day!  I am feeling very prepared: I rented the truck, the appliance dolley, a few dozen furniture blankets, and two burly men.

I wasn’t planning to hire help for my move, but I found some inexpensive, convenient movers from the website and decided at the last minute to splurge.  Apparently this website partners with Uhaul (brilliant!) to offer folks who reserve a truck online the option of purchasing moving help.  The quote for movers was unbelievably cheap–only $130 for two guys for two hours–so I am psyched.

The forecast for tomorrow calls for rain, but we are going to muscle through it and get this b**tch done by noon.

Then we are going to go eat barbecue at Rudy’s and watch the Texas game at Beth and Andy’s house at 2:30.   I am planning to use the game time to tackle the gargantuan pile of laundry that’s growing in my bathroom.  I hate to move dirty clothes, especially a nasty, huge pile of dirty clothes, to my new place.

Bonus points: I packed up my dresser this evening and moved all the contents of the drawers to my apartment already. Bummer: that means all my clean underwear and my deodorant are at my apartment already.  Whoopsy.


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I think these surveys are dumb, but I do enjoy reading my responses years later.  And someone tagged me on Facebook.  So here we are.

1. Who was your FIRST prom date?
I think his name was Brent. He had red hair. We didn’t kiss at the end of the night, and I don’t even remember what I wore. What a great prom.

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?  We are friends on Facebook, but we don’t talk in real life.

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?  Tequila in College Station before a country music concert. I remember feeling warm all over and thinking, “oh my gosh, I hope I don’t get sick” after one shot.

4. What was your FIRST job? Teaching swimming lessons for Mr. Clark.

5. What was your FIRST vehicle? Dark green 1995 Chevy Blazer. Her name was Molly.

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?  No one texts me.  And don’t start, they cost me 25 cents a pop!

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?  Myself.  I was looking in the mirror.

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?  Peggy Ogden.

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?  I don’t remember for sure.  It may have been to Hawaii for vacation when I was six years old.  I do remember kicking the seat of the guy in front of me.  He yelled at me, so my mom and I had to switch seats.

10. Who was your FIRST best friend and do you still talk?  Ceren Unal. We are friends on Facebook, but we don’t talk in real life.

11. Where was your FIRST sleepover?  Ceren’s house.  We had a snow-cone stand and made like $6 that day.

12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?  Myself. I was looking in the mirror.

13. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time?  My childhood babysitter, Lynette Books.

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?  Listen to “Morning Edition” on NPR.  I would not be able to function without that show.

15. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?  Dallas Wind Symphony during my childhood. My first adult concert was Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival in college in 2003.  I saw John Mayer, Eric Clapton, BB King, Carlos Santana, and Jimmie Vaughan all jamming out together on stage.  Amazeballs.

16. First tattoo?  No tattoos.

17. FIRST piercing?  No piercings.

18. FIRST foreign country you’ve been to?  Ireland.

19. FIRST movie you remember seeing in the theater?  The Little Mermaid.

20. FIRST Detention you had?  No detentions. I play by the rules.

21. What was the FIRST state you lived in?  Texas

22. If you had one wish. What would it be?  This question doesn’t have anything to do with FIRSTS. I reject this.

23. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?  See above.

Glamour shots, kitten edition

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Two of the things I will miss the most about living with my sis/bro-in-law are their cats, Sebastian and Skylar.  Cats are fickle, so who knows whether Sebastian and Skylar will miss me.

Sebastian 1

I have a feeling Sebastian will miss me.  I took this shot while he was laying on top of me on the couch this weekend.  He is my Saturday morning cartoon buddy.

Sleepy time

Then again, Sebastian will lay on top of pretty much anything to take a nap.

Sebastian 3

He loves to lay on top of the cushions while I sit in our chair.  Since I’m leaving it will probably become his chair.  Still, I think he’ll miss me (or at least my body warmth and willingness to scratch his chin).

I’m not so sure about Skylar.  It took her about six months to come into the same room as me after I moved in.  Occasionally she will purr in my presence, but almost never long enough for me to take her picture.


To get her to pose for this shot I had to stuff some stinky dog treats inside the toy, set it down, and wait for about two hours for her to settle near the toy and lay still.  I got off about 12 shots before she lost interest and ran away.

I should mention that Skylar has the softest fur I’ve ever felt.  It’s silky and soft, and one of the most comforting things to touch in the world.  She may not miss me, but I will definitely miss her.

Blackbird four ways

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Remember Napster? I do. I was in high school during the Napster revolution, and during that time I got a little obsessed with downloading bizarre covers of familiar songs.  I also got a little obsessed with the Beatles tune “Blackbird”. Plus I got kind of obsessed with my then-boyfriend.

One night in 11th grade I stayed up until 3 AM making him a mix CD with 16 different covers of that song.

That sounds a little crazy now.

I probably should have just kept that mix CD for myself.

Anyways, I miss Napster. I miss the Beatles. I miss staying up until 3 AM discovering bizarre, awesome music. In tribute:





Does the ability to limit myself to four covers mean I am only 25% as crazy as I was when I was 16? I hope not.

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