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Blueberry Kolache

Texas kolaches are a special breed of pastry, having descended through several generations of Czech immigrants in various parts of the state. These homemade kolaches use East Texas blueberries straight off the bush, along with a family recipe for the dough.

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When life hands you strawberry preserves, make lemonade! At least, that was my solution to use up the six cups (!!) of homemade strawberry preserves I had on hand after a berry binge at the farmer’s market last week. In this easy recipe, the sweet

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I hate punch.  Well, I hate most non-alcoholic punch.  It’s usually too sweet for me, and filled with weird artificial colors and sweeteners. A good sangria I’ll take any day, but that wasn’t really an option for a baby shower.

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Rami came over for dinner last night.  I made Zippy Fish Fillets and steamed green beans with lemon butter.  The food was a big hit, and Barclay laid calmly in the living room with Chloe in sight for about 45

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