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Wheat Bread Made with Apple Cider

This easy, homemade bread recipe gets its tender bite from two secret ingredients: hard apple cider and sweet potatoes. I make it with Austin Eastciders, whose Austin, Texas, tap room opens tomorrow!

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A recipe for creamy, steel cut oats studded with mangoes, made super easy thanks to the slow cooker.

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Last weekend I made Christmas candy with my family– an annual tradition. Here are our tips and tricks for making chocolate truffles at home, without a sticky mess on your hands!

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Mustard Seeds in Skillet

Mustard might be the gateway drug of homemade condiments, and I’m hooked on the spicy taste of this super-easy beer mustard.Try it and you’ll get in the habit of making your own, too!

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My sister Beth and I found this old-fashioned pie recipe in my Grandma’s collection of cookbooks. Our curiousity was piqued in part by the recipe’s unusual name, in part by its intriguing combination of flavors: chocolate, ginger, vanilla creme, egg whites. We were also in the mood for pie. (Who isn’t these days?)

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