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Wheat Bread Made with Apple Cider

This easy, homemade bread recipe gets its tender bite from two secret ingredients: hard apple cider and sweet potatoes. I make it with Austin Eastciders, whose Austin, Texas, tap room opens tomorrow!

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A recipe for creamy, steel cut oats studded with mangoes, made super easy thanks to the slow cooker.

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Barley Stew with Mushrooms

It’s Austin Beer Week, and I’m celebrating Austin craft beer in my own kitchen. Here’s my recipe for a hearty mushroom barley stew, inspired by Independence Brewery’s Austin Amber Ale.

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  The thermometer on my porch tells me that spring in Texas is over. The highs have ¬†been in the 80s all week, and I have been compulsively checking the weather forecast for some sign that the Texas summer isn’t

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I consider this dish a personal victory over two of my produce nemeses: mustard greens and lentil sprouts. I know that both of these vegetables are perfectly lovely and nutritious, but they gave me fits before I finally tamed them

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