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Last weekend I made Christmas candy with my family– an annual tradition. Here are our tips and tricks for making chocolate truffles at home, without a sticky mess on your hands!

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The only thing better than beer and ice cream is beer ice cream! I continue my special series of Austin Beer Week recipes with this irresistible recipe for Oatmeal Stout Chocolate Chip ice cream, made with local beer of course.

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This post, like many that I will share in the next several months, belongs in the “better late than never” category. What better than a lovely zucchini dessert recipe to bring my blog out of hibernation?

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My sister Beth and I found this old-fashioned pie recipe in my Grandma’s collection of cookbooks. Our curiousity was piqued in part by the recipe’s unusual name, in part by its intriguing combination of flavors: chocolate, ginger, vanilla creme, egg whites. We were also in the mood for pie. (Who isn’t these days?)

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Blueberry Kolache

Texas kolaches are a special breed of pastry, having descended through several generations of Czech immigrants in various parts of the state. These homemade kolaches use East Texas blueberries straight off the bush, along with a family recipe for the dough.

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